The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson:

“We applaud the strong leadership of FCC Chairman Genachowski to address the broadband adoption puzzle.  Broadband adoption promotes educational and employment opportunities and strengthens participation of all in our economy.  We are proud of our efforts to support, partner and participate actively in a number of programs and initiatives to realize the Administration’s goal of universal deployment and adoption of broadband.

“For example, just last week, we were honored to receive One Economy’s first ever Digital Leadership Award for our efforts to increase broadband adoption, having pledged more than $37 million in contributions and grants to One Economy over the past five years.  Last year, we joined Chairman Genachowski, the Small Business Administration and SCORE to help launch a public/private partnership geared toward helping small businesses grow through access to broadband.

“We have always and will continue to be on the look-out for opportunities to promote the benefits of broadband and to bring more Americans into the broadband era.”

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