The FCC: Having Its Forbearance Cake and Eating It Too

Authored by Paul Mancini, AT&T Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel Over the last month, various members of the FCC and others have publicly promoted the agency’s proposal to change the classification of broadband Internet access service.  In a nutshell, the FCC wants to take broadband Internet access service out of the competitive-oriented Title…

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Right Brain vs. Left Brain

by Rich Clarke

Assistant Vice President of Public Policy

The FCC’s annual report on competition in mobile wireless is 308 pages chock-a-block with detailed information and analysis about developments in this quickly-evolving business.  We read how customers are continuing to flock to mobile services – especially broadband data.  We are informed that TracFone, a subsidiary of global giant América Móvil, has become the fifth-largest…

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Let’s Play TAG

ICYMI, the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was announced this morning.  TAG is a group of leading broadband and high-tech companies, spearheaded by Professor Dale Hatfield, a former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chief Technologist and currently the Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center. What does TAG intend to do? This is from its news…

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The Fallacy of the 1 GHz Line

by Joan Marsh

Executive Vice President of Regulatory & State External Affairs

One of the many things that caught my eye in the FCC’s most recent Wireless Competition Report is a detailed analysis of carrier spectrum holdings.  Not surprising – spectrum has been called the lifeblood of the industry. In the report, the Commission takes an in-depth look at who holds what and where. But they draw…

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Sleeping Beauty or Lost?

I have now been in the wireless industry for more than 20 years.  With the release of the FCC’s 14th Annual Wireless Competition Report, I’ve begun to wonder whether I have been sleeping the last couple of years or whether I am on the show Lost (maybe living in an alternative universe?).   For those who…

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Adventures in Cryonics

by Hank Hultquist

Vice President of Federal Regulatory

When a Red Sox fan hears the words “separation” and “freeze” in close proximity, he or she might think of Ted Williams. Unless, of course, that Red Sox fan also happens to be a telecom policy wonk (like your humble blogger).  In which case, he or she might also think of “Part 36”  and the…

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Dewey Defeats Truman

by Joan Marsh

Executive Vice President of Regulatory & State External Affairs

Occasionally, a conclusion is reached that is so unhinged from the facts that it defies explanation.  So it is with the 14th Edition of the Mobile Wireless Competition Report released today by the FCC. Actually, it was not a conclusion in this case that baffles, but the lack of one.  After reviewing an extensive record…

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A Teachable Moment

by Michael Balmoris

Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs and Federal Media Relations

We hope everyone enjoyed our little contest and took it in the spirit it was offered – a playful reminder that the internet is more than an app or service or bits of content.  After years of debate over and discussion of the issue of “net neutrality,” we would hope that all sides recognize that…

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Fantasy Baseball Prediction League

by Hank Hultquist

Vice President of Federal Regulatory

Harold Feld has an interesting response to Bob Quinn’s recent Pickett’s Charge blog post. While Harold makes a number of points, I want to focus on one in particular. Under the heading of “Argument #2,” he raises questions about what other services might be pulled into the kind of classification analysis that his Fantasy Baseball…

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They Do What? Where?

Authored by Andrea Brands, Director of Public Affairs for AT&T Recently I talked to students who took part in the national Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day about online safety and mentioned how many of their grandparents were likely online, perhaps emailing with friends, researching second careers or even looking for love through…

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