There was a lot of activity this week surrounding the FCC’s broadband plan.  FCC Chairman Genachowski has been very busy, but he found time last night to accept the prestigious Newt Minow Award at the Kennedy Center.

The Kennedy Center must have been hopping last night as there was also a ballet performance of The Great Gatsby.  I was at neither event unfortunately, but I do want to take a minute today to remark on one of the Chairman’s announcements this week.

It is encouraging that Chairman Genachowski has identified spectrum availability as a major near-term challenge.  He’s absolutely right, and should be commended for his willingness to tackle the issue head on and make it a top priority of his chairmanship. At AT&T, we are already dealing with phenomenal increases in mobile data use — a whopping 5,000 percent over the last three years. Such usage patterns cannot be sustained without bold action to address the looming spectrum crunch, and that is exactly what FCC Chairman Genachowski has promised.

While we look forward to learning more details when the Chairman’s plan is available, this we do know — spectrum deficiencies, left unaddressed, will cripple innovation, harm consumers, and will ultimately impact jobs and investment.  In contrast, more abundant spectrum, as Chairman Genachowski advocates, will allow all Americans to realize the enormous possibilities of wireless technology.

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