AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson issued the following statement after the Senate Finance Committee markup of the EXPIRE Act:

“We applaud the markup of this important piece of legislation. The bill’s two-year commitment to these crucial tax-extenders is a bridge to meaningful comprehensive tax reform that provides the certainty needed to drive investment and job creation in the United States.

“The successful markup of this bipartisan bill, which, importantly, includes the extension of accelerated bonus depreciation, gives us the confidence to begin moving forward with the deployment of fiber to additional U.S. cities. This decision is based on our belief that the Wyden-Hatch measure stands a very good chance of becoming law this year. Obviously, our investment in major fiber deployments to additional U.S. cities will create jobs and provide a significant boost to local economies. We expect the bill will spur similar investment decisions by other U.S. companies.

“We support Chairman Wyden and Ranking Member Hatch in this effort, and look forward to working with the full Senate and U.S. House of Representatives toward passage of this legislation.”

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