The following statement is attributed to Wayne Watts, AT&T Senior Executive VP and General Counsel:

“Yesterday AT&T withdrew its application with the FCC for approval of our merger with T-Mobile.  We took the required actions, announced this publicly, and filed securities disclosures accordingly.  We believe the record will show that we withdrew our merger application before the FCC voted on the chairman’s proposed hearing designation order.  It has since been reported that the FCC must approve this withdrawal.  This is not accurate.  The FCC’s own rules give us this right and provide that the FCC ‘will’ grant any such withdrawal.  Further, this has been the FCC’s own consistent interpretation of its rules.   We have every right to withdraw our merger from the FCC, and the FCC has no right to stop us. Any suggestion the agency might do otherwise would be an abuse of procedure which we would immediately challenge in court.”

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