It’s been five years since the term net neutrality entered the lexicon of beltway banter. Five long years of discussion, debate and disagreement, and guess what?  We are surprisingly where we began – squabbling over an issue that means different things to different people. The only constant is that, like most things in Washington, net neutrality has been based on winners and losers – as if there is some sort of mythical scorekeeper keeping tally.

Let’s be clear. The real winners should be American consumers. However, what real consumers want has often taken a back seat to the political rancor. That’s why we decided to personally reiterate to consumers our long-standing commitment to them and a set of standards geared towards addressing their needs. 


The open exchange of ideas, content, and information across the Internet.


A robust and secure network that enables new services, applications, and devices.


Consumers have the power to choose the best possible services and innovations.


Clear and concise information about speed, cost, and traffic management practices.

The Internet works for consumers, businesses, investment, innovation and jobs. And while the debate goes on in Washington – hopefully not for another five years – we should all agree to work towards a pre-determined winner – the consumer.

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