For those six tech policy folks who were not able to trek to the Consumer Electronics Show in the desert last week, we have compiled some video clips for you.  And, no, we did not include any footage of our activity at the tables!  These are some highlights from the net neutrality panel last Thursday.

We’ll start with what everyone wants to know… moderator Cecilia Kang of The Washington Post asking Verizon’s Tom Tauke whether it will appeal the FCC’s Order.  The clip also includes Tauke musing on the openness rules applied to its 700 MHz spectrum.

Here’s FCC Chief of Staff Eddie Lazurus and Googles’s Rick Whitt on the FCC’s rules pertaining to mobile broadband.

And here we get the Hill perspective on the FCC’s rules from Neil Fried, Senior Telecom Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Roger Sherman, Chief Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

And let’s not forget our very own Jim Cicconi, expounding on the nexus of rules, investment and innovations on the show floor.

Finally, here’s a snippet of every panelist, in yes/no format, on whether they support the FCC’s Order.

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