The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson:

“We have consistently called on the FCC to gather data from all participants in this marketplace before it can make any policy judgments about the competitive dynamics for the services at issue in this proceeding – TDM, largely copper-based, DS1s and DS3s.  We believe the data will show vibrant competitive activity, innovation, and importantly, a transition away from TDM-based services to the IP-based broadband services that customers more and more are demanding.

“However, we continue to believe that focusing on measuring the level of competition for aging, TDM-based 1.5 Mbps services that increasingly are being supplanted by faster, more efficient IP-based services, is misplaced.  The Commission’s and the industry’s time and resources should instead be dedicated to developing policies that promote investment – by all providers – in infrastructure capable of delivering on today’s, and tomorrow’s, IP-based higher bandwidth needs of business customers.”

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