The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson:

“We are pleased the FCC has allowed our petitions to be granted. Our petitions measured the level of competition from facilities-based competitors, and clearly and easily met the triggers.  In fact, they underestimate the true level of competition by not measuring the cable companies and other pure facilities competitors who do not rely on incumbent investments to provide competitive services.

“The granting of these Petitions underscores the vital importance of the Commission gathering data from the CLECs on a mandatory basis before drawing any conclusions on the true state of competition in these markets.  It has always been our position that policy judgments in this industry must be based scrupulously on fact and not rhetoric.  It is our hope that facts based on the Commission’s promised data collection will inform its judgments on this market and allow it to focus on the transition to an all-IP world. Conversely, the arguments made by the CLEC community are that the FCC should ignore the data they themselves refuse to supply, and instead jump to a re-regulation of Ethernet and IP technologies – a move which would stifle all broadband investment incentives and would drastically impede that vital transition.”

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