AT&T Statement on Removing Barriers to Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

The following may be attributed to Joan Marsh, AT&T Senior Vice President of Federal Regulatory: “Today, the FCC takes bold steps toward speeding the deployment of small cell technologies, setting the stage for 5G innovation and deployment.  The notice of proposed rulemaking adopted today asks critical questions about how to remove excessive regulatory burdens when…

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Maximizing Investment (and Jobs) In Broadband Networks

By Dave Talbott, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Federal Regulatory It was back in 2012 when AT&T first proposed to the FCC a path for consumers, businesses, government and telecom providers to transition from last century’s telephone services to this century’s broadband services relying on wireless and Internet Protocol (IP) technology.  As part of that discussion,…

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BDS Reform for 2017, Not 2005

by Caroline Van Wie

Assistant Vice President of Federal Regulatory

2005 was an awfully long time ago, when the world looked a lot different than it does today.  Beyoncé hadn’t gone solo yet and was still topping the charts with Destiny’s Child – Lemonade wouldn’t be released for eleven more years.  The last reboot of the Star Wars franchise was still in theaters with Star…

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Delivering on the Trump Regulatory Reform Agenda

by Bob Quinn

Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs

The Trump Administration took office earlier this year with a clear message: the path forward for economic growth in the United States lies in significant tax and regulatory reforms. While tax reform lies solely in the hands of Congress, the hard work of regulatory reform will need to be undertaken by the resident experts in…

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