Maximizing Investment (and Jobs) In Broadband Networks

By Dave Talbott, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Federal Regulatory It was back in 2012 when AT&T first proposed to the FCC a path for consumers, businesses, government and telecom providers to transition from last century’s telephone services to this century’s broadband services relying on wireless and Internet Protocol (IP) technology.  As part of that discussion,…

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AT&T Statement on FCC’s Special Access/BDS Proposal

The following may be attributed to Bob Quinn, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President of External & Legislative Affairs: “This proposal is little more than a wealth transfer to companies that have chosen not to invest in last mile fiber infrastructure. It will result in less fiber investment and contribute to mounting job losses at a…

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Broadband Investment: Not for the Faint of Heart

by Joan Marsh

Senior Vice President of Federal Regulatory

July 2007: In exchange for FCC action on its demand for four specific “open access” conditions on the 700 MHz Upper C Block, Google commits to bidding $4.6B in the 700 MHz auction. January 2008: When the auction closes, it becomes clear that wireless companies – not Google – shouldered the multi-billion dollar cost of…

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Verizon Yesterday versus Today: New Wires, Old Rules?

by Caroline Van Wie

Assistant Vice President of Federal Regulatory

As comments in the special access proceeding (oops, I mean Business Data Services proceeding) roll in, I thought I would put together a few sentences which accurately capture AT&T’s views on this proceeding: “[T]here is no basis on which to increase regulation of ILEC business broadband services, including legacy special access and Ethernet.  [T]here is…

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Wireline Bureau BDS Document Dump

The following may be attributed to Bob Quinn, AT&T Senior Vice President of Federal Regulatory: “For months, the FCC has been pushing aside the APA and due process in this proceeding. This is especially troubling when the policies the agency seems to be pursuing will have such a devastating impact on the incentives of all…

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Special Access Doublespeak

by Frank Simone

Vice President of Federal Regulatory

I’m often struck by the doublespeak that takes place in DC and, particularly, at the FCC when companies come to the agency to argue that the Commission should regulate their competitors. The Special Access proceeding at the Commission is one of those special dockets that is a real breeding ground for what I like to…

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AT&T Welcomes ITC Report on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement

Yesterday, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), an independent agency, released its report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. The following statement may be attributed to Tim McKone, AT&T Executive Vice President of Federal Relations: “We are encouraged by the ITC’s report, which finds that the TPP would help develop cross-border trade in services and…

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AT&T Statement on Special Access and Broadband Investment

The following may be attributed to Jim Cicconi, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs, and is in response to remarks made yesterday by FCC Chairman Wheeler: “We agree that incremental investment in broadband facilities for 5G and in rural areas is essential.  But imposing regulation on special access prices and contract terms is…

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