The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson:

“Today, AT&T filed comments in support of the FCC’s proposal to return to a nearly two decades-old bipartisan commitment to a light-handed approach to internet services – a commitment the FCC abandoned for no good reason in 2015.  Throughout this period, AT&T has supported an open internet as well as baseline requirements to ensure an open internet is protected without the regulatory baggage that comes with Title II.  We continue to support such requirements, and we continue to oppose Title II as an unprecedented regulatory overreach for which there was no economic or marketplace justification.  By proposing to eliminate this abrupt and unwarranted departure from longstanding precedent, the FCC is taking an important first step.  But we continue to believe that a bipartisan legislative solution is the best way to ensure an open internet that serves the interests of consumers while providing the regulatory certainty that investors demand.”


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