By Beth Shiroishi, AT&T Vice President of Sustainability and Philanthropy

At AT&T, sustainability is deeply engrained in the fabric of what we do, both in our company and throughout the communities where we live, work and serve.  Our 2011 Sustainability Report, released this week, is a testament to that focus.

This isn’t a traditional sustainability report.  This year, we worked to create a first-of-its kind experience that enables visitors to explore an interactive “city” and learn about progress being made not only by our AT&T employees and networks, but by consumers and communities who are working toward creating a more sustainable future.

We’re encouraged by the progress we made in 2011.  For example, we:

  • Realized $42 million in annualized energy savings through more than 4,500 energy efficiency projects;
  • Contracted with Bloom Energy to install 7,500 kW of Bloom Energy fuel cells at 11 facilities in California which, when operational, will produce 62 million kWh per year;
  • Fulfilled our $100 million commitment to AT&T’s Aspire education initiative, with the groundwork laid for an expanded $250 million commitment planned over five years, announced in 2012; and,
  • Began transitioning AT&T-branded accessory packaging to a plastic comprised of up to 30 percent plant-based materials.

We recognize that a key part of creating shared value is giving back and supporting communities and organizations that align with AT&T’s corporate philosophy.  That’s why, at certain points along their interactive sustainability report journey, viewers are prompted to answer questions about the report and are rewarded with the option of directing an AT&T-funded donation to  nonprofits dedicated to improving our communities through the AT&T Causes Connect For Good community.

This report – like all of our sustainability efforts from the past year – is something we hope motivates others to take steps to operate more sustainably, and gives our customers and the broader community an idea of the work we’re doing every day to help create a better future.

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