AT&T Commits to Interoperability
In the lower 700 MHz Band

Posted by: AT&T Blog Team on September 10, 2013 at 12:46 pm

The following may be attributed to Joan Marsh, AT&T Vice President-Federal Regulatory:

“Today, AT&T agreed to take definitive and concrete steps to bring interoperability to the lower 700 MHz band. Challenges in the lower 700 MHz band have left the 700 MHz A Block vulnerable to interference and largely undeployed. Now, under the leadership of Chairwoman Clyburn and her Staff, an industry consensus has emerged that offers a path to achieving interoperability in the band.

“AT&T, for its part, has committed to investing considerable time and resources to the modification of its 700 MHz LTE network through the implementation of a newly-standardized software feature. That effort will allow AT&T’s network to support Band 12 capable devices. AT&T has also committed to working collaboratively with its chipset partners and OEMs to introduce, within a reasonable time frame, new Band 12 capable devices into its device portfolio. AT&T’s commitments are spelled out in detail in a letter filed today with the FCC.

“These commitments, along with actions the FCC intends to take to harmonize the service rules for the 700 MHz E Block to address interference concerns, will put the industry on a path to increased investment and deployment opportunities in the 700 MHz A Block. Chairwoman Clyburn should be congratulated for this significant achievement that will benefit the wireless industry and US consumers alike.”

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