President Barack Obama today announced the nomination of Tom Wheeler as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson: 

I’ve known Tom Wheeler for many years, and he is an inspired pick to lead the FCC.  Mr. Wheeler’s combination of high intelligence, broad experience, and in-depth knowledge of the industry may, in fact, make him one of the most qualified people ever named to run the agency.

Mr. Wheeler will face daunting challenges at the FCC.  Already the pace of technological change is clashing with outdated laws, antiquated rules, and approaches more rooted in the past than the present.  The dedicated career staff at the FCC are grappling with these challenges now.  If the pace of change is to continue, along with the investment and job creation that fuel it, the mission of the FCC in the 21st Century must be re-examined, and its rules and methods modernized.  In this situation, I can think of no nominee more talented or whose leadership skills are more needed. Moreover, Mr. Wheeler will be joining a complement of fellow commissioners who are equally formidable and well suited for this important moment in the FCC’s history.

On behalf of AT&T, I’d like to congratulate Tom Wheeler on his nomination. We look forward to working with him once he is confirmed by the Senate. I also want to congratulate Mignon Clyburn, who will take over as interim-chair of the FCC. She’s an experienced and independent policymaker, passionate about public service, who will lead the agency over the coming months with a steady hand.

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