AT&T on Modernizing Communications Laws

Posted by: AT&T Blog Team on May 4, 2012 at 3:28 pm

In case you missed it, the Progressive Policy Institute this week held a conference here in Washington at the National Press Club on the economic implications of the wireless boom. AT&T’s Jim Cicconi delivered remarks that focused on the outdated regulations that stand to affect the growth and innovation of the wireless market. Check out the videos below to hear more from Jim on modernizing current communications laws to better fit the ever changing marketplace, and other panelists talking about the wireless boon.

Here, Jim talks about how the regulatory structure in this country is designed to oversee a wireline voice monopoly, which does not exist today.

And here, Jim talks about how the Telecom Act is out of date and that there’s a need to take a fresh look at modernizing the function of the FCC  as well.

Roger Enter of Recon Analytics discusses his new study, “The Wireless Industry: The Essential Engine of U.S. Economic Growth,” and the impact the wireless industry has on job creation and GDP.

Tom Hazlett, Professor of Law & Economics at the nearby George Mason University, talks about the wireless innovation wave and that it is just beginning.

Mike Mandel, Chief Economic Strategist of the Progressive Policy Institute, addresses how while investment by the government has been falling in recent years, investment by wireless providers is very strong.  Are they “investment heroes”?

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Outdated regulations? They stop companies from having monopoloies. Mediacom has been buying up small ISP companies so they will be the only ISP in countless areas. The FCC ysed the regulation as a guideline and is keeping companies from gouging the American public. Bug business always cries about how losing theur 100’s of millions or billions in profit claiming it is hurting the economy? You are hurting the economy by being so greedy.

Seems our constitution is an “old” regulation as well…you wanting to throw that out too?

Tim Batson February 27, 2015 at 9:31 am

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