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Posted by: AT&T Blog Team on February 10, 2011 at 1:46 pm

President Obama today unveiled details of the Administration’s National Wireless Initiative, which is designed to bring wireless broadband to at least 98% of Americans.  The following statement may be attributed to John Donovan, AT&T Chief Technology Officer:

“President Obama has outlined a comprehensive and aggressive plan that lays the groundwork for bringing wireless broadband to all Americans.  AT&T applauds the Administration’s support for the role that industry and private investment play in making this important goal a reality.  As we saw demonstrated today in Marquette, Michigan, wireless broadband makes possible extraordinary opportunities for both consumers and businesses, as well as for America’s students and teachers.

“This initiative will also enable public safety to build and fully operate a nationwide, interoperable communications network.  The Administration’s commitment to provide public safety with the resources it needs while at the same time taking necessary steps to meet the needs of broadband providers is a tremendous step forward for this country.”

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Okay, I’m interested. Let’s see how this is going to be done. Will the private sector get some subsidies and lead the way?

Or, will the government try to make some big new agency to oversee the construction of an unused (but good intentioned) wifi space that no one liked?

Or, will the government take its words to the bank and actually assist telecommunication companies with deregulation, privitization, and non-intervention.

This will become a joint public-private effort, undoubtedly. I look forward to seeing what this will become and how it will effect the future of telecommunications.

Hopefully, Ma Bell will be given some room and we can can all surf online easier.

Here’s an idea: since analog television was abolished, why not use those white spaces for WiFi?

TurtleShroom February 11, 2011 at 7:55 am

Will this be another welfare handout where the ghetto rats get free hi-speed like they can get free cell phones with 200 min a month?


If you want hi-speed internet GET A JOB and pay for it yourself!

Jim Britt February 11, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Thanks but no thanks on the National Wireless Initiative if there are no Network Neutrality rules of nondiscrimination mandated to allow for more innovation and openness on the new mobile web. Network Neutrality rules should apply equally two both fixed wire-line broadband providers (cable and phone company DSL) and wireless providers of mobile broadband. Despite protestations by wireless companies that wireless is somehow different and should allow so called managed services where discrimination is acceptable all such claims are false propaganda by giant wireless providers wanting the freedom to discriminate and complete control over the spectrum.
Any public spectrum auctioned or sold off to wireless companies must require such companies to meet public interest obligations. We want open and nondiscriminatory access to the Web for all Internet users not an unequal two-tiered Internet to develop with a slow public lane and a fast for profit lane with prioritized or so called managed services. Companies like AT&T are talking about ending the era of the Open Internet. Historically ISPs have had to act as dumb pipes with all providers taking you to the same Internet and providing the same level of openness — as a matter of fairness to innovators and users. Now since the mega mergers during the Bush Cheney Administration and the few mergers allowed in the Obama Biden Administration already so far have taken place competition has declined for fixed broadband and may do so as well as for mobile broadband if the AT&T T-Mobil merger is approved. The FCC says it wants to expand broadband access — they even crafted a National Broadband Plan as they were mandated to by Congress in the 2009 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.
Sadly it was flawed in the sense it did nothin

Maneesh Pangasa April 19, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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