Today, in a petition to stay the Federal Communications Commission’s flawed privacy rules, several associations representing U.S. internet service providers (ISPs) released detailed principles, fully supported by AT&T, that reaffirm ISPs’ commitment to protecting customers’ privacy online.

The following statement may be attributed to Joan Marsh, AT&T Senior Vice President of Federal Regulatory:

“AT&T has long been committed to a clear and transparent approach to protecting the privacy rights of our customers. Our approach is consistent with the established framework used by the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates the privacy practices of virtually all other companies operating in the internet ecosystem.

“As we previously noted, the framework adopted last fall by the FCC significantly departed from the FTC regime, most importantly in the treatment of web browsing and app history data. The FCC’s order failed to recognize that consumers want their information protected based on the sensitivity of the information, not the entity collecting it. The FCC’s divergent, and illogical, approach will serve only to confuse consumers, who will continue to see ads based on their web browsing history collected by edge providers even after being told by their service provider that their consent is required for use of such information.

“Any effective regulatory approach to privacy should protect information in a consistent manner based on its sensitivity, create uniform standards for the entire ecosystem and, ultimately, be enforced by a single government agency.”

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