The following may be attributed to an AT&T spokesperson: 

“Google’s argument exposes that their proposal makes absolutely no sense from a policy standpoint. What they suggest, amazingly, is that a customer’s info will have onerous restrictions and be subject to opt-in requirements if they use our set top box.  But if they use Google’s box, the same info from the same customer has far fewer restrictions, and Google is free to monetize it any way they want unless a customer opts out.

“Putting aside the stunning chutzpah behind such an argument, it should be very clear to everyone, especially consumer advocates, that this means a customer’s private info would be subject to an anti-consumer double standard depending on which set top box they choose.

“That Google can argue for something so obviously self-serving is no longer a surprise to us.  What would be surprising would be if the FCC seriously considered such a proposition.”

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