It’s National Data Privacy Day and what better way to celebrate than to look at the progress on privacy made yesterday by our friends at GSMA – the association representing the worldwide mobile communications industry.  We have been pleased to work with the GSMA folks and other industry members to develop a set of universal Privacy Principles as part of GSMA’s Mobile Privacy Initiative.

These principles are not designed to supplant existing law, but rather to cultivate the orderly evolution of privacy frameworks across the vast array of governing bodies that have a legitimate interest in protecting the privacy of users around the globe.  The principles – which you can read in their entirety here – embody much of what we at AT&T have long believed in and practiced about privacy by design.

They stress the importance of openness, transparency and notice; define appropriate uses of personal information; and emphasize user control and choice.  They prescribe respect for user rights, security of personal information, and education of users, especially children.  We’re pleased to be a part of this Mobile Privacy Initiative and we support its goal of serving as the start of a process that will seek to shape the way privacy is advanced, managed and protected across the emerging mobile eco-system.   

At AT&T, our mantra is “mobilize everything.” That’s what our customers want. That’s what the world wants. And we also understand that our customers trust us to protect their privacy – whether they’re mom-and-pop consumers, the teenager upstairs or multi-national corporations.  If we want the Internet to continue to flourish, we all need to do our part to ensure that we continue to build and maintain that trust.  We are proud to be part of GSMA and the Mobile Privacy Initiative on National Privacy Day.

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