The business, education and advocacy communities have joined forces to observe Data Privacy Day tomorrow.  In the past several days, programs have been held around to world to raise awareness about privacy issues.  We at AT&T were delighted to take part by sponsoring and participating in a National Cyber Security Alliance forum, which was held yesterday in Washington. 

As AT&T’s Chief Privacy Officer, every day is privacy day for me and my  team  It’s a topic we’re thinking about, talking about and acting upon on an ongoing basis. We work hard to anticipate and prepare for developments in the constantly changing world of privacy.  Recently, for example, we have been focusing on instilling best privacy practices in our work with apps developers and online behavioral advertising.

At AT&T, we’ve long recognized that our privacy commitments are fundamental to the way we do business every day.

We know that we must respect and protect our customers’ privacy in order to win not only their business, but also their trust. We have been a leader in thought and action in the privacy arena:

  • We pledge to protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe and we have put in place strong safeguards to deliver on that pledge.
  • We are committed to transparency in communicating our privacy policies to our customers in plain language that is readily available and easy to read.
  • We practice “privacy by design” – a process through which we make sure that privacy considerations are addressed throughout the development process of any product, service or application.
  • We support the continued need for consumer education and awareness through programs such as our Smart Controls website and through alliances with many government and nonprofit agencies that help consumers of all ages understand online safety and privacy protections.
  • We actively participate in our industry’s ongoing efforts to foster programs that provide customers with privacy best practices.

AT&T is proud to be a leading player in the communications revolution that is remaking our world. We provide consumers, businesses and organizations with the tools they require to live, work and play most effectively in this era of ubiquitous electronic communication.  And we understand that because of this role, it is incumbent upon us to keep our customers’ trust and loyalty by maintaining their privacy.

You can learn more about Data Privacy Day here.  And you’ll find much more information on AT&T’s privacy commitments, including an FAQ and educational videos, on our website.

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