Last month, I blogged about the opportunity I had to attend the White House 5G Summit and the broad acknowledgement by the Administration and fellow participants of the importance that the United States win the race to 5G.

But, in order to do so, there needs to be a commitment to removing barriers to deployment, freeing up more spectrum and ensuring that our next generation networks are based on proper technical standards and are highly secure.

As policymakers, the industry and all stakeholders, including consumers, move closer to making 5G technology and services a reality for every American, we can all benefit from having a better understanding of the lay of the land.  In that vein, we’ve developed a few new primers or, what us policy wonks like to call, “White Papers” that we think will provide a critical overview on where the United States really is in the rollout of 5G on a global scale.

We encourage you to read all the papers but, to ease in to the subject matter, here’s a good executive summary of all the papers.  From there, you can then get into the weeds on where we are with 5G deployment, standards setting and security.

We’ll continue to add more educational materials and updates on 5G so be sure to check back here regularly.  Enjoy!


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