President Obama today unveiled details of the Administration’s National Wireless Initiative, which is designed to bring wireless broadband to at least 98% of Americans.  The following statement may be attributed to John Donovan, AT&T Chief Technology Officer:

“President Obama has outlined a comprehensive and aggressive plan that lays the groundwork for bringing wireless broadband to all Americans.  AT&T applauds the Administration’s support for the role that industry and private investment play in making this important goal a reality.  As we saw demonstrated today in Marquette, Michigan, wireless broadband makes possible extraordinary opportunities for both consumers and businesses, as well as for America’s students and teachers.

“This initiative will also enable public safety to build and fully operate a nationwide, interoperable communications network.  The Administration’s commitment to provide public safety with the resources it needs while at the same time taking necessary steps to meet the needs of broadband providers is a tremendous step forward for this country.”

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