Jim Cicconi

On Tuesday, AT&T’s Jim Cicconi spoke at the Free State Foundation’s Telecom Policy Conference and addressed government regulation of the Internet.  He discussed the steps some international policymakers have taken to impose onerous regulations on the industry.  And while President Obama and his Administration has strongly opposed such measures, the US Government’s policies don’t always synch up with the actions of the Federal Communications Commission.  These conflicts are not lost on international policymakers, according to Cicconi, and we cannot succeed with a “do as I say, not as I do” approach.  “Getting more Internet infrastructure in this country should be our Government’s number one priority, whether it’s wireless spectrum or last-mile fiber,”

said Cicconi.

Rick Whitt:

Google’s Rick Whitt also spoke of his shared concern that a top-down, common carrier regulatory regime on the international front could come to fruition.  He urged policymakers to “respect the integrity of the Internet.”

Howard Shelanski:

Georgetown Law Professor Howard Shelanksi addressed the pivotal role that private companies, and private investment, played in the tremendous growth of the Internet.  He also spoke to theory of non-discrimination and how everyone loves the idea…until you have to deal with the repercussions of network congestion.

Jeffrey Campbell:

Cisco’s Jeff Campbell provides some staggering stats of the growth of mobile data traffic on the Internet. Did you know that in 2011, traffic was 8X the size of the total Internet in 2000? And that the average connection speed in 2011 grew 66%? Watch the clip above to learn more.

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